General FAQ:

GUNZE manufactures Resistive Analog (4, 5, 8 wire) and Projected Capacitive touch panels.

There is no minimum order for standard products from existing inventory. For custom designs and non-stocked items the minimum will vary based on the size of the product. Typical minimums are 50-100 pieces.

It depends on the weight and destination of the shipment. We will arrange shipping via the carrier of your choice. All prices are quoted EXW (Ex-Works).

Please contact GUNZE prior to returning the product to obtain an RMA number. You can also initiate an RMA request by utilizing our online RMA request form.

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen:

A Projected capacitive supports multi-touch while surface capacitive supports a single touch only.

There’s no simple answer to this question; it clearly depends on the size of the sensor. GUNZE offers state-of-the-art printing (stainless steel screens), laser ablation or photolithography process to maximize tracking density.

10 points of detection maybe achieved.

Yes, GUNZE offers standard PCAP products.

We have our standard products ranging from 7.0″ to 22.0″ inches; please refer to our product list.

Multiple glass thickness may be used up to. GUNZE’s 4H, 9H or special film overlays may be used but the sensor needs to be supported to prevent flexing.

Yes, our F/F products are OCA ready. Keep in mind, additional tuning is required once the overlay material has been applied.

Yes, but it depends on the thickness and material of the glove.

*Please contact GUNZE for requirements.

Yes, with a combination of sensor pattern design, controller IC selection and tuning can minimize the effects of moisture or water on the lens surface.

Yes, GUNZE offer 2 types of integration, perimeter bonding and optical bonding.

GUNZE’s standard design cycle time for prototypes is typically 12-16 weeks.

Typically, touch screens are paired with a controller primarily for tuning purposes. However, if you are designing your own PCAP controller it’s important to work with GUNZE designers to ensure sense lines compatibility.

OS supports are Windows, Linux, Mac, and QNX, contact GUNZE for OS versions.

Projective Capacitor controllers support USB, RS232 and on some selected controllers I2C.

Resistive Touch Screen:

Film surface treatments range from Clear (3H), anti-glare (3H), anti-smudge (3H), anti reflective (3H) and 4H (size restricted < 5.0” Diagonal).

4-8 wire resistive touch panel is the most cost-effective, touch technology to incorporate in your application.
5-wire touch panels are more durable making them ideal for POS, kiosks, or industrial applications.

In short, the minimum size manufactured to date is a 2.8”D. Maximum is a 22.0” D with special tooling requirements.

Yes, a change in flex location will require new tooling, but it should be minimal.

Please contact GUNZE for details. Hardware guide specifications, reference circuit, BOM, etc. may be provided to assist your design process

Controllers support USB and RS232.